4:20 even more

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

4:00 am, the best profitable hour, my favorite hour as a kid. I love 4:00 am, for example, some people hate 2:00 am like the show “how I meet your mother” but I love 4 am.

Why 4:00 am is the best hour in the world? No matter in which time zone you are, 4:00 am is the hour when inspiration finds you, because the city is sleeping and the muse of the creativity comes and touch the minds that are patiently or impatiently waiting for her.

Yes, for her, because imagination, muse, inspiration, all these wonderful things are women. Women are the creating spirit, everything they touch blossoms with joy. The world works around them. Women are the changing fire, economic systems and all financial inventions by men don’t make any sense if there’s no attention/recognition from them. So yes, 4:00 am is a woman too.

The silence from this special hour has magical powers. So, if you want to be touch by this energy-regardless of the week day- use it to do your favorite or relaxing activity.

There’s no darker sky like the one at 4:00 am and there’s no more joyful sound of opening your journal, it is by far the best form to say to life: I’m here and I came early and prepared for you to begin, let’s get started!.



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